What is HuskDoes?

In 2017, HuskDoes was born. After wrestling with the disappointments of my first job out of college, alongside a heavy dose of GaryVee podcasts in my ear, I committed to establishing my own brand. I struggled to see the long-term trajectory of my career, and HuskDoes became my escape from what at the time felt like let-downs in the corporate setting.
My brand debuted with healthy recipes and my own physical fitness progressions. At the time I believed that the right combination of angles and hashtags would propel me into a position as an influencer. Thinking back on my naivety now makes me laugh.
However, through my misperceptions and mistakes, there was a lot to be learned. Personal brands take time to cultivate -- they don't take off overnight, and to be genuinely personal, HuskDoes needed to be malleable with the ability to grow and change. This was not a concept that could be finalized simply by brainstorming on a piece of paper.
One of the most insightful skills I gained through my initial launch of HuskDoes was the ability to shed my insecurity of trying new things in front of the public eye. Like most, my social media posts revealed my life's highlights rather than displaying the work in progress. To this day, people who have followed HuskDoes from its beginnings will take jabs at my "HuskEats" phase; while this initially made me frustrated and somewhat uncomfortable, I now take the teasing in stride and wear the jabs like a badge of honor.
Now that you know where HuskDoes originated, you may be wondering where my brand is headed.
For those who have visited HuskDoes.com, you will recognize the following quote:
"Your playing smallDoes not serve the world.There's nothing enlightened about shrinkingSo that other people won't feel insecure around you." - Marianne Williamson
This quote echos my belief, that every person has a God-given gift they are meant to share with the world. I am a firm believer in playing it big, and while some might view this concept as self-serving, I am eager to defend it as a model of selflessness. Unfortunately, as we get older, our unique talents become more challenging to identify and more difficult to share with the world.
They are difficult to find because once we reach adulthood, it becomes easier to believe that we have already settled-into the things we are "good" at and the things we are "bad" at. Time becomes more scarce, and going through the struggles of learning new things can feel like a waste of our time.
Sharing our newfound talents can be tricky since this may challenge the public image we have built-up for ourselves. Sharing our trials and errors with others opens us up to critique and possible ridicule.
One of my missions for HuskDoes is to document the journey of all of my endeavors. HuskDoes will be a space where I am transparent with the process to success, which hopefully opens the doors for others to try new things and play life big.
I publish all of my work, from blog articles to Etsy merchandise to coding projects and beyond. I will publicly share my successes and failures to inspire others not to "follow their passion" but to stand up to their hesitation to be vulnerable and try new skills.
By doing so, we will all become individually better and, as a byproduct, better equipped to serve others.