Most Recent Projects

Below are the write-ups of some of my most recent projects

Coding Tutorials & Courses

I got where I am at in coding by leaning on a lot of free tutorials, so when I learn a useful concept I like creating my own tutorials. This helps me solidify my understanding of the concept and can help someone else in their projects.

How To Create a Trello Card from Apps Script

All without using a 3rd party application like Zapier or IFTTT

Target Audience: Intermediate

Learn JavaScript Through Google Sheets

This is a course that will teach you the basics of JavaScript so that you can add advanced functionality to Google Sheets

Target Audience: Beginner

How to Handle Incoming Messages Using Google App Script

Create Simple Texting Apps with Twilio & Google App Script

Target Audience: Intermediate

Recent projects

Home IoT Database

A platform that allows me to centralize all of my home IoT sensor data in one place and securely access them for any project

Concepts: C++, JavaScript, IoT

Communication Platform

Created an application that allowed users to automate event planning and communication

Concepts: App Script, Twilio

Crawl Space Automation

Created automation that used smart plugs and APIs to reduce the humidity in my crawlspace.

Concepts: App Script, Twilio, IFTTT

Best Day to Buy a Stock

Created an algorithm that determined the best day of the week to buy a stock, IF you were going to but it every week.

Concepts: Google Finance, App Script, Twilio